Rev. Swami Dayatmanandaji Maharaj was born in 1943 in Andhra Pradesh, India. Deeply influenced by the teachings of Sri Ramakrishna and Swami Vivekananda, he joined the Ramakrishna Order after finishing his college education in 1962.

He was initiated by Rev. Swami Yatiswaranandaji Maharaj and he was ordained as a monk in 1973.

He was working in various capacities in several centres of the Order in India, his last centre being Bangalore, where he worked for 17 years.

In 1991 he was posted to U.K., as Assistant Minister of the Ramakrishna- Vedanta Centre.
After the passing away of the then Abbot in 1993, Rev. Swami Dayatmanandaji Maharaj has taken charge of the Ramakrishna- Vedanta Centre, U.K.

He is now leading a retired life at the Ramakrishna Mission Home of Service, Varanasi.

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